Mastercard Review

Though VISA is the more common of the credit card deposit methods, we have put together a MasterCard review in order to show our users exactly what they will encounter when attempting to use these cards. Since there are still many online gambling sites accepting MasterCard, we have decided to help our players along in the event that they wish to use the MC instead of the V. Many people think that MasterCard is a much more agreeable card than VISA, or at least more full of perks and benefits than the VISA card. MasterCard used to attempt to block players from using these cards, but this is simply not the case anymore. We have a fairly comprehensive list of different things you should know before you accept a MasterCard, so keep this in mind.

If you do not already have a MasterCard, than this is what you will want to do. You will either have to apply for a MasterCard credit card or find a bank that issues MasterCard debit cards. In order to apply for the credit card you will have to find a card issuer - Capital One, Chase Bank, or any number of other financial institutions - and submit an application. You can generally do this online and you should not be faced with too much trouble. You will probably need a credit score of at least 600, but this is not always required. While it may process the application instantly, you may have to wait a few weeks to get your card. In the end, it will be worth it.

MasterCard deposits have the main advantage of being instant. Our review of MasterCard found that these cards have a higher rate of success than the VISA cards that most people use. Furthermore, MasterCards usually have better rewards programs than VISA cards. You will see that cash back can be rewarded on nearly any purchase, including gambling deposits. MasterCards are also as simple as throwing your digits into the cashier of the casino. All payments are secured by MasterCard, and each of them are insured by your bank. Provided you don't try to make transactions than cancel them, you should not have to worry about anything other than your gaming.

As a basic credit card, the MasterCard is one of the USA deposit methods for players to enjoy. If you are a resident of the United States, you will not have too much trouble making deposits with this card. Most USA gamblers use MasterCard and other credit cards above any other option, though there are some failure rates associated with this option. Still, MasterCard is one of the easiest methods online.

Gambling Sites That Accept MasterCard

Casinos That Accept MasterCard

We have primarily found MasterCard Casinos for our users. Online casinos are very similar to land based casinos, with the exception that they provide their games digitally in a highly convenient package. There are many types of online casino out there, but most of them accept MasterCard. The differences between each type of software can complicate things somewhat, but we can tell you that you should not have to worry about anything but having a wonderfully good time if you use a MasterCard.

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Winpalace Casino - 400% up to $4,000 Bonus

WinPalace Casino is a casino that accepts MasterCard. They will even reward you for depositing with MasterCard, as they will offer you a 400% match to $4,000 on top of your deposit. This is far beyond any interest rate or annual fee you may have to work with on the card. They will activate this bonus if you enter the coupon code 4000FREE. WinPalace Casino uses the RTG software in order to provide players with a hugely enormous bonus, as well as a large set of games. WinPalace has over 100 games to be enjoyed, which means you should not have any trouble finding the games that you want.

MasterCard Casino Reviews
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Las Vegas USA Casino Review   125% - $125 Not Needed Visit
Rushmore Casino Review   400% - $2,000 SLOTS400 Visit
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Sun Palace Casino Review   125% - $125 Not Needed Visit
Sloto Cash Casino Review   300% - $1,500 Automatic Visit
Rome Casino Review   500% - $1,500 9000FREE Visit
Pure Vegas Casino Review   200% - $1,200 PURESLOTS1 Visit
Bodog Casino Review   10% - Unlimited N/A Visit
Crazy Slots Casino Review   100% - $777 Automatic Visit
Go Casino Review   100% - $1,000 X20 Automatic Visit
Online Vegas Casino Review   125% - $125 Automatic Visit
Superior Casino Review   400% - $2,000 Automatic Visit
Vegas Casino Review   125% - $125 Not Needed Visit

Sports Betting Sites That Accept MasterCard

Most of the online sportsbooks also employ MasterCard as one of their sports betting deposits. The versatility of MasterCard has made it even easier to deposit into sportsbooks than VISA or any other card. MasterCard provides users with a way to safely and securely deposit into sportsbooks, though these sites too have a rate of failure.

Poker Rooms That Accept MasterCard

Another source of gambling deposits with MasterCard is online poker. Many online poker rooms provide players with the MasterCard option, though online poker is also one of the highest sources of failed funding. More players report failed credit card deposits with online poker rooms than other types of gambling, though you may be able to be the exception. We did test a few in the MasterCard review, and we found that there are higher rates of success with these cards than others.