Online Vegas Casino Review

Online Vegas Casino Information

Bonus -Up to $5,125 - Match % Varies
Rollover Requirements - 50X
Software - Odds On Casinos
Online Vegas Instant Flash Casino - Yes
Established - 2005
Email -
USA & Canada Phone -1-866-881-4283
VIP Program - Yes
Mac Compatible - Yes
Deposit Methods -VISA, MasterCard, NETeller, Moneybookers, Prepaid cards, American Express 
Location - Curacao, N.A.

When we thought about doing an Online Vegas Casino Review, we had no idea that they had set the bar of standards even higher than ever before. An unprecedented number of huge, guaranteed slots tournaments was the first thing we noticed. Then we saw a sizable number of deposit bonuses. There are thousands of dollars available in free cash to be taken from Online Vegas Casino's generous cashier. Online Vegas Casino has made casino gaming accessible to players from all over the world, giving all who would want to play the games a run for their money. With a huge assortment of games, high rates of pay out, rapid access to winnings, and enough features to satisfy even the most outrageous of gamblers, Online Vegas Casino has definitely raised standards around the industry.

Online Vegas Casino Deposit Methods

Though we did not find that many deposit methods in the review of Online Vegas Casino, we did find some of the highest success rates with credit cards. A variety of credit cards, a few e-wallets, and their ever popular prepaid cards are all available for deposits through the cashier. Since all of their deposit methods are straight forward and simple, you will never encounter any issues. Even their credit cards have a high acceptance rate, so American players will have nothing to worry about. Some of their deposit methods even include additional bonuses, so keep your eyes upon for their preferred casino deposit methods.

Preferred Deposit Method: Prepaid Card Casino Deposits at Online Vegas Casino - Like many online casinos, our review of Online Vegas Casino found a preferred deposit method. Their preferred deposit method happens to be prepaid cards. If you are looking for additional bonuses, you will want to turn to prepaid cards. They also have one of the highest acceptance rates of any deposit method, short e-wallets. A variety of different prepaid cards are available, and these cards work almost entirely like credit cards. With the additional bonus of 100% on the first deposit and 10% on all subsequent deposits, using prepaid card casinos are definitely an advisable move.

Credit Cards Casino Deposits at Online Vegas - If you are looking for another one of the credit cards casinos, then stick to Online Vegas Casino. Online Vegas has some of the easiest deposits with cards. VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are the available credit cards through this casino.

NETeller Casino Deposits at Online Vegas - NETeller is one of the world's leading payment solutions. As one of the NETeller Casinos, Online Vegas Casino is easily rated amongst the highest.

Moneybookers Casino Deposits at Online Vegas - Moneybookers deposits are instantly approved through Online Vegas Casino. When using Moneybookers Casinos, you will only see rapid deposits and the fluid transition of your funds.

Online Vegas Casino Withdrawals

There is an equal number of withdrawal methods through Online Vegas Casino when compared to the number of deposit methods. The Online Vegas Casino review found that there are four different retrieval methods available, and each one is as effective as the next. Whether you want your money in a matter of hours or if you are patient enough to wait a few weeks, then Online Vegas Casino will have a method for you. Furthermore, their authorization form is easy enough to process, giving you the ability to make take in your winnings with a very fast pace.

Withdrawals with NETeller at Online Vegas - Since NETeller has become one of the best online casino deposit methods, they have adapted their service to accept withdrawals. Some players have reported the ability to make withdrawals in a matter of hours.

Withdrawal by check at Online Vegas - You can also have a check sent to you via regular mail, as well as express mail. The express mail will always be quicker, but entails a slightly higher service fee. Regardless, you should not wait more than a few weeks.

Withdrawal by bank wire at Online Vegas - You can opt to have your winnings deposited directly into your bank account within two to five days. This is also subject to nominal fees, keeping the charges to a minimum.

Withdrawals with Moneybookers at Online Vegas - As with NETeller, Moneybookers can also be used to make withdrawals when you manage to cash in your winnings. Moneybookers is one of the cheapest and easiest services to use in the transference of money over the Internet.

Online Vegas Casino Deposit Bonuses

One thing you will never find in short supply through Online Vegas Casino is that of their bonuses. New players and existing players can all receive free money through the use of deposit bonuses. Up to $5,125 can be received in free cash, with each bonus giving players at least $250 dollars for free, though up to $2,000 dollars can be received per bonus. Free access to tournaments can also be received. More free money can be added to your account if you decide to use an alternative deposit method, giving you hundreds of extra dollars in addition to standard bonus.

Online Vegas Casino Bonus Codes And Coupon Codes

Online Vegas Casino Bonuses

  • Online Vegas Deposit Bonuses:
    -1st Deposit: 100% to $500
    -2nd Deposit: 125% to $375 - OV002
    -3rd Deposit: 150% to $750 - OV003
    -4th Deposit: 25% to $250 - OV004
    -5th Deposit: 25% to $250 - OV004B
    -6th Deposit: 25% to $250 - OV004C
    -7th Deposit: 25% to $250 - OV004D
    -8th Deposit: 25% to $250 - OV004E
    -9th Deposit: 25% to $250 - OV004F
    -10th Deposit: 200%-$1,000 - OV005
  • (4) Free Entries Into Online Slots Tournaments
    OV312, OV312B, OV312C, OV312D

As with any casino that offers players a string of deposit bonuses, Online Vegas Casino has brought out a series of casino deposit bonus codes. These bonus codes will allow players to accept the bonuses they wish, and only the bonuses they wish. Players will have to take the bonuses in the order in which they have been announced, however. Regardless, these bonus codes are nothing more than a speed bump. You will still be able to make your deposit and access the games within a matter of minutes. Each bonus code may be used once, and they must be entered into the cashier at the moment of the deposit.

Online Vegas Casino Software

The software powering Online Vegas Casino is the Odds On Software. Odds On Casinos host one of the oldest standing brands of casino software, as well as one of the most unique. Since Odds On has had years to improve their service, players will see some of the more advanced games available. Additionally, you will see that Online Vegas Casino, by staying true to the Odds On software, offers a large number of tournaments through their gaming center. If you want a stable, secure, and profitable form of casino software, then turn to Online Vegas Casino as the Odds On software will never fail to show players a realm of fun unlike any other.

Online Vegas Casino Country Restrictions

One of the advantages to Online Vegas Casino is that of the country restrictions. Simply put, there really are none, at least none worth mentioning. Over 85 different nations will have access to the games found through Online Vegas Casino, including the United States, the United Kingdom, most of Europe, and even parts of Asia and Africa. Unless you live in a country that is governed by a regime that is highly opposed to gambling of any form, then you will undoubtedly find Online Vegas Casino amongst those Internet casinos that will accept you as a player.

Game Variety At Online Vegas Casino

Like slot games? Table games? Online Video poker? Keno? Whatever your flavor of casino game, you will invariably find it through Online Vegas Casino as they have made it a point to be one of the most flexible gaming centers in the business. Online Vegas Casino also introduces new games periodically, giving you even more ways to entertain yourself through the use of their casino.

Online Vegas Casino Download

If you are on your own computer then you will probably want to download their client. The Online Vegas Casino Download is one of the quickest in the industry. You will want to set aside at least seven minutes in order to process this download and have the program installed on your computer. You will be able to use this software on nearly any computer, though it is most stable on a Windows PC - even Vista and 7. You can open your account as soon as you finish the download, thrusting you into the games with the utmost speed.

Online Vegas Casino Instant Play

As with most online casinos, there is an instant play casino readily available through Online Vegas's website. The instant play casino lets you have rapid access to a large number of the games found through Online Vegas Casinoand their terrific online gambling estbalishment. With as many games as they have, online casino gamblers will be able to play nearly anything you want, from any computer that you wish. This speaks for Mac, PC, and Linux casinos. There is great benefit to playing on the instant play casino offered by Online Vegas like the fact that it can be played anywhere.

FAQ About Online Vegas Casino

Does Online Vegas Casino accept USA players?

If you live in the United States, then yes - you will have access to their gaming center.

Do I have to accept all of the deposit bonuses through Online Vegas Casino?

No, you do not even have to take one if you do not want to - just contact the customer service department.

Has Online Vegas Casino ever been guilty of a scam or fraud?

No, Online Vegas Casino has never infringed upon their honesty.

Does Online Vegas Casino offer a flash based casino?

Of course, this is one of the best online casinos around.

What is the minimum age to play through Online Vegas Casino?

If you are not 21, you will not be able to play these games for real cash.

How do the tournaments through Online Vegas Casino work?

After you buy into the tournament you will be given a number of chips. This stake must be turned into the largest stack of tournament chips by the end of the tournament in order to become the winner of the event.

What does it mean when a tournament has a guaranteed prize pool?

This means that no matter how many people enter, the tournament will pay out a set amount of money.

Does Online Vegas Casino offer American players an e-wallet deposit option?

No, American residents will not have the option to play with an electronic wallet.

Where can I find the prepaid cards that Online Vegas Casino prefers?

You can find prepaid cards through many gas stations, Wal-Marts, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

How do I receive the prepaid cards casino deposit bonus?

Before you make the deposit, contact their customer service department. Our review of Online Vegas Casino showed us that they will give this bonus almost immediately.