Gambling Deposit Methods

The first thing that you must know about online gambling is that you are most likely going to need to use Gambling Deposit Methods if you're going to make a deposit. The reason for this is because many banks, especially American banks, prohibit transactions to online gambling sites. For some reason, they don't believe that you know what you're doing with your own money which is ridiculous. It's your money and you should be able to use it as you wish, however that is another issue. For now, realize that you may have to implement the use of one of these deposit methods for online gambling in order to partake in the fun. It really isn't that big of a deal, especially when you consider how easy it is to use some of these deposit methods. With our help, we're going to guide you on how to use these deposit methods, where they can be used, and some of the fine points of using them. Knowledge is power, and after this, you're going to be very powerful in the realm of making Online Gambling Deposits.

Commonly Asked Questions About Gambling Deposits

Why Do I Need To Use A Gambling Deposit Method?

There are multiple reasons, but the biggest one is because they work almost 100% of the time. Another important reason is the fact that these deposit methods offer a level of security that you may not have with using a credit card, or transferring money directly from your bank account.

Wouldn't Using A Credit Card To Deposit Be Easiest?

Yes. Using credit cards to make gambling deposits is the easiest solution, however getting a credit card to work for gambling deposits is hit and miss. For Americans, credit cards rarely work for gambling deposits, however to be completely honest, they do work sometimes. Trial and error is the only way to determine this as there is no penalty for trying.

Are Americans The Only Ones That Need To Use Gambling Deposit Methods?

No. Just because you're not from the United States doesn't mean that you aren't affected by gambling deposit restrictions. Even if there isn't legislation regarding the issue of online gambling and deposits for it, doesn't mean that your bank won't step in and tell you what you can and can't do.

How Do I Pick The Right Gambling Deposit Method for Me?

This is something you're going to have to decide for yourself. There are several factors which play into this. For one, if you are a United States resident, about half of the gambling deposit methods aren't for you. Other factors include the deposit methods that the Gambling Deposit Method accepts in order to fund your account. Beyond that, it is pretty much just small things. Fees, gambling portals where it is accepted at, and ease of use are all things to consider before selecting a deposit method.

Where Can I Find Information About All The Different Methods for Making Gambling Deposits?

Right here. We've got everything you're going to need to help make those decisions. Whether you're looking for quality Casino Deposit Methods, or just need a reliable deposit method for Poker or betting on Sports, we've got info on all of them. Our goal is to be a complete resource for online gamblers wanting to make deposits, so we're making sure that prospective and existing online gamblers have access to the information needed to make a solid decision about which gambling deposit method to use.

How Does Using An Approved Gambling Deposit Method Increase My Security?

You may think that using a third party would decrease your security just because that is one more place that you have to enter your information. It is actually the opposite. Even though you are supplying information to a third party, it is basically the same as supplying it directly to the gambling site itself. Gambling deposit methods work directly with online gambling sites accepting that method, and they use some of the most difficult encrypted information to decode. It's next to impossible. Furthermore, when entering information with the gambling deposit method, you're protected there as well with state of the art encryption.

Gambling Deposit Methods

We hope you are ready for the plethora of Gambling Deposit Methods we are about to hit you with. The ones we have below are the best of the best, and have been proven to deliver a quality service, one that will always provide seamless, easy gambling deposits. Each of these have their own quirks, and work in different time frames, but all have redeeming qualities. Read more below for more information.

American Express Review And Gambling Sites - If you're unfamiliar with American Express which seems unlikely, it is a charge card that allows for transfers into online gambling sites. The fact that method is a specific credit card, labeled for Americans, means that it has a high success rate when used to make deposits at gambling sites accepting United States residents.

Click2Pay Review And Gambling Sites - Click2Pay is a wildly popular gambling deposit method in the circles that are capable of using it. Unfortunately, Americans aren't included in that, however for the rest of the World, it's game on. Click2Pay works extremely well, has reasonable fees, and makes transactions almost at the drop of a hat. It's hard to find anything the Click2Pay could do better.

ClickandBuy Review - It almost can't get any simpler than using ClickandBuy to make deposits with online gambling portals. Basically, you Click and you Buy. Simply deposit into your ClickandBuy account, and proceed to the gambling site that accepts ClickandBuy. Decide how much you want to deposit, then Click to approve and you've Bought credits with online gambling sites. ClickandBuy does not work for U.S. residents.

Credit Card Review And Gambling Sites - There is no more easier way to deposit into a gambling site than with a credit card... if you can get it to work. For Americans, this generally isn't an option because of the UIGEA and the handcuffs they've put on American banking institutions from performing money transfers. It does work, however not with any frequency.

eCheck Review And Gambling Sites - eChecks or Electronic Checks work very well, however they take some time to get set up. Basically, you're transferring funds from a checking account at your bank directly into your gambling account. Because it directly from a bank to a gambling site, it will not work for United States residents, or customers of American banking institutions.

EcoCard Review And Gambling Sites - EcoCard is a gambling deposit method that is accepted nearly everywhere, and it has the capability of instantly transferring funds. Just because of those two facts, EcoCard is a leading method for depositing into online gambling sites however it will not work for Americans. Look for the Eco symbol next time you're perusing the deposit methods accepted. Chances are, you'll find it.

EntroPay Review - Functioning as a virtual VISA card, EntroPay is preferred by many that frequently make deposits into gambling sites. Basically, your virtual VISA through EntroPay is funded before you transfer cash. Because of that, you can't gamble with funds you don't already have which can be a positive for some gamblers. EntroPay does not accept U.S. customers.

Global ATM Review And Gambling Sites -

Instadebit Review And Gambling Sites - Instadebit is a prepaid charge card which allows for instant, seamless transactions with gambling sites online. Pre-load your Instadebit account, and you'll be able to send money to any gambling site which accepts the method. Instadebit does not work for USA online gamblers, but for the rest of you, Instadebit is a recommended gambling deposit method.

iPoint Review - This method is somewhat obscure, however it does work, it is safe, and that's why you see it here. iPoint accepts deposits from Americans which then allows them to transfer directly into gambling sites. iPoint transactions are very quick, if not instant. iPoint gambling sites can be a bit tough to find, however we have isolated the best of them here on

Maestro Card Review - If you've never seen a Maestro Card before, chances are you're an American. Maestro Card is a very popular debit card that is used all over Europe and beyond. Maestro Card gambling deposits are directly debited from the funds loaded into your Maestro Card account, and deposited instantly into your account with online gambling sites.

Mastercard Review And Gambling Sites -

Money Transfer Review And Gambling Sites - When using Money Transfer, you're transferring funds via a service like Western Union. Basically, you wire money to a casino, sportsbook, poker room, etc... in the same way that you would send money to a friend thousands of miles away. Money Transfer is a great deposit method for Americans and those who wish to deposit using cash. Money transfer deposits usually take 1 day to be credited.

MoneylineWallet Review And Gambling Sites - MoneylineWallet is one of the new deposit methods available at online gambling sites that accept USA players. This deposit method allows players to transfer money from their checking or bank account to their Moneylinewallet Account.

Moneybookers Review And Gambling Sites - Perhaps the biggest e-wallet gambling deposit service on the planet is Moneybookers. Unfortunately, Moneybookers doesn't take American deposits. With Moneybookers, users have so many options to make deposits, that there are too many to list here. Moneybookers works instantly, and is accepted at almost every online gambling site.

MypaylinQ Review And Gambling Sites -

NETeller Review - It's hard to say that NETeller isn't as good as Moneybookers, mainly because that isn't true. Even though other services have the lion share of the market, NETeller hold their own. Like those other methods, NETeller is not open to United States residents, however it has a great following, and makes instant transfers with gambling sites accepting NETeller.

PasteandPay Review - Even though PasteandPay is relatively new, it is trusted, works well, and is very secure. PasteandPay hasn't necessarily caught on with all the best gambling sites on the Internet. At the sites where it is accepted, PasteandPay works great, and furthermore, it works exceptionally well for United States online gamblers.

Payoneer Review - While this deposit method is new, it has the backing and support of the most established gambling deposit methods. This method hasn't exactly been adopted by many online casinos, but speculation is that it will be available shortly. Get a leg up and learn about this deposit method now. You're sure to see it springing up at the most used and highly regarded gambling sites.

PayPal Review And Gambling Sites - If PayPal would allow for USA gambling deposits, there is no doubt that it would be the most used gambling deposit method ever. PayPal is the method of choice for many online gamblers except for not in the U.S. PayPal is huge with sites like eBay and many users are constantly using PayPal to transfer funds between each other. PayPal is a preferred method for sending money anywhere in the World.

PaySafeCard Review - PaySafeCard is a terrific debit card that works well when you aren't wanting to gamble more than you have to lose. That is the beauty of this deposit method. In addition, PaySafeCard is very secure and trusted. The only downfall to PaySafeCard is that it is for American gamblers. Beyond that, PaySafeCard transfers funds instantly to into gambling accounts.

PaySpark Review - PaySpark functions just like prepaid/debit card. You load the funds, and send the funds. You never gamble with money that isn't yours which is something that makes PaySpark EZI better than credit cards. Use PaySpark at many of the leading online gambling sites, however if you're American, PaySpark will not be a viable option.

PIC-Club Review - PIC Club has primarily been known for poker deposits, however recently it has branched off into other realms such as sports betting. Here is what you need to know. PIC-Club does accept American deposits, and it does transfer funds almost instantly. Some options for PIC-Club accounts allow users to gain interest on money that is stored in PICClub accounts.

Prepaid Card Review And Gambling Sites - First of all, there are numerous prepaid cards available for online gambling purposes. The only way to truly know which one is needed is to visit the gambling site you wish to use and find out exactly which ones they accept. These change from time to time, but either way, prepaid cards are the absolute safest method to deposit into gambling sites, even for United States residents.

Quicktender Review - Quicktender is a deposit method that Americans like to use, however it is an exclusive club. What makes Quicktender exclusive is the fact that you're going to need an invitation before you're able to join. Gamblers can obtain this information from gambling sites that accept Quicktender. Simply request an invitation from customer service, and wait. From there, it's easy.

Speedcard Review - At one time, Speedcard was the most popular prepaid card that was used for making gambling deposits. Since it's inception, Speedcard has stopped allowing American customers which undoubtedly hurt it's business. Furthermore, when it stopped accepting Americans, less and less gambling sites stopped accepting Speedcard. It is still a good option for those outside the United States.

Switch-Solo Review - Yet another debit card that can be used to directly debit money from a bank account and transfer it directly into a gambling account. As with the others, the perk to Switch-Solo is that you don't gamble with what you don't have. You can never go into debt when gambling with Switch-Solo, something that credit cards can't say. Switch-Solo is not open to American deposits.

UKash Review And Gambling Sites - There is little doubt that if Americans could use UKash, it would become the best gambling deposit method in use today. Unfortunately, UKash is only used by those who reside in the United Kingdom, hence the beginning of the name UK-ash. UKash sells prepaid vouchers in set amounts which can then be deposited into online gambling sites. It's like making electronic deposits using the cash from your pocket.

UseMyBank Review And Gambling Sites - Canadians will be happy to know that they've got their very own Gambling Deposit Method that is dedicated to them. UseMyBank is not for the rest of the World, and it's a shame. UseMyBank is used by those north of the border to instantly debit money from your bank account, hence forth the name UseMyBank.

UseMyWallet Review And Gambling Sites - Outside of eWalletXpress, this is the number one method for Americans to use when gambling online. UseMyWallet is related to Quicktender and also requires an invitation before joining. The process is the same. Simply request to join UseMyWallet through any of the numerous online gambling sites that accept UseMyWallet gambling deposits.

VISA Electron Review - VISA Electron is a sure fire way to deposit money into gambling sites as long as you're not an American. Right now, hundreds of thousands of VISA Electron transactions are taking place, and not just with online gambling sites. Since it is so widely used, gambling sites would be stupid not to accept it, which is why they do. We're all in the business to make money, and gambling operators know that too!

WebMoney Review - Even though WebMoney is one of the more obscure deposit methods, it still works with great success. Not that many people use WebMoney which really doesn't make much sense when you consider the services they provide. Part of that is because WebMoney doesn't accept deposits from Americans and therefore isn't as widely accepted at gambling sites as other deposit methods.

Wire Transfer Review And Gambling Sites - Wire Transfers are basically the same thing as Money Transfers. You go to a local wiring station and send cash to online gambling operators. This process does take a little longer than other electronic methods, however in some cases, your money could be in your account before you even return home from sending it. Wire Transfers are becoming more and more popular for American online gamblers.

As of November 2010, eWalletXpress nor 900Pay are no longer allowed for making online gambling deposits online. Look over the other approved gambling deposit methods listed above for acceptable methods for making deposits

eWalletXpress Review - When Americans want to make online Gambling Deposits, they should turn to eWalletXpress. The service is phenomenal and offers users a ton of different ways to deposit directly into eWalletXpress accounts. Furthermore, eWalletXpress is a preferred deposit method by online gambling sites that accept American players. EwalletXpress Casinos - EwalletXpress Review

900Pay Review - This is one of the most innovative ways to send money on the Internet for those who don't have a bank account nor a credit card. 900Pay works in conjunction with eWalletXpress and basically charges your deposit to your phone bill. 900Pay does have low transfer limits, however it does work, and that can not be over-looked.

Sites Accepting Numerous Gambling Deposit Methods

Below, you're going to find the best of the best gambling operators that accept the Gambling Deposit Methods above. This includes, online casinos, online sportsbooks, and online poker sites. Each gambling site accepts different deposit methods so in order to be sure they accept the method you want to use, be sure to check with either the online gambling site, our deposit method review, or our review of the online gambling site.

Best Online Casinos

Cherry Red Casino - Several Bonuses; Best Is $2,400 / 400% For Slots

Cherry Red Casino is the leading online casino for players from the United States. Part of the reason for this is because they accept numerous Gambling Deposit Methods for USA players like eWalletXpress, 900Pay, Credit Cards, Prepaid Card, Quicktender, UseMyWallet, and more. In addition, Cherry Red takes all the most popular gambling deposit methods for those that are aren't in the United States, for all non-U.S. players. As far as bonuses go, Cherry Red has a host of them. Slots: 400% to $2,400 - Blackjack: 200% to $1,200 - Video Poker: 200% to $1,200 - All Games: (10x) 100% to $777 totaling $7,777. Bonus codes do apply so be sure to check our Cherry Red Casino Review for more details. Being part of the RTG casino network, gamblers are ensured of quality online casino games at any time of the day or night. Visit Cherry Red Casino

Grand Hotel Casino - $150 Free With 100% New Player Match Bonus

Grand Hotel Casino offers so many different games that we couldn't possibly list every one of them. At last count, the games roster at Grand Hotel was bordering on about 400 or so. The majority of these are slots, but it doesn't mean that you won't find all the classic table games you've become accustomed to. Beyond that, Grand Hotel accepts many different Casino Deposit Methods, including those for Americans, however Grand Hotel does not accept any players from the United States, nor does any Microgaming online casino. When depositing, be on the lookout for the 100% to $150 initial deposit bonus that Grand Hotel offers all first time deposits as well as the $10 handshake bonus that is granted upon signing up and downloading the casino. Visit Grand Hotel Casino

Cherry Red Casino
Software - RTG
400% Match To $2,400 / Slots
Yes Visit site
Slots Oasis Casino
Software - RTG
400% Match To $4,000 / Slots Yes Visit site
Las Vegas USA
Software - RTG
125% Match To $125 / All Games
Yes Visit site
Sloto Cash Casino
Software - Rival Gaming
300% Match To $1,500 / Exclusive Yes Visit site
Rome Casino
Software - Top Game
500% Match To $1,500 / Exclusive First Deposit Yes Visit site
Grand Hotel
Software -Microgaming
100% Match To $/€/£150 / All Games
No Visit site
Vegas Slot
Software -Microgaming
100% Match To $/€/£200 / All Games
No Visit site
Colosseum Casino
Software - Microgaming
100% Match To $/€/£150 / All Games No Visit site
Pure Vegas
Software - RTG
100% Match To $800 (3x) / All Games Yes Visit site
Win Palace Casino
Software - RTG
300% Match To $3,000 / Slots Yes Visit site
Superior Casino
Software - Rival Gaming
400% Match To $2,000 / Exclusive
Yes Visit site
Bodog Casino
Software - RTG
10% Unlimited Match Bonus Yes Visit site

Best Online Sportsbooks

DSI Sportsbook - First Time Deposits Eligible For Up To $500 FREE

DSI Sportsbook is the absolute leader when it comes to online sports betting and easy Sportsbook Deposit Methods. DSI accepts all players which is the reasoning behind them accepting both American and non-U.S. gambling deposits. Whether you want to use eWalletXpress or Moneybookers, DSI is setup to handle it. Very few online gambling sites offer the value that DSI does when it comes to ways to gamble, and that doesn't mean just on sports. For first time depositors, DSI has a welcome bonus of 10% or 20% that can give as much as $500 free as long as the minimum deposit of $300 is met. Visit DSI Sportsbook

Intertops Sportsbook 25% to $100 UseMyWallet / Instadebit Visit site
Bodog Sportsbook 10% Unlimited Bonus eWalletXpress / NETeller Visit site
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% to $200 Gold-Pay /
Visit site
BetUS Sportsbook 10% - 45% Sliding Credit Cards / Money Transfers Visit site
BetED Sportsbook 15% to $250 Money Transfer / Bank Wire Visit site
BetJamaica 100% to $100 PasteAndPay / eChecks Visit site
CaribSports 50% to $250 UseMyWallet / EcoCard Visit site
DSI Sportsbook 10% or 20% to $500 eWalletXpress / Moneybookers Visit site
BookMaker Sportsbook 10% or 20% to $500 900Pay / Moneybookers Visit site

Best Online Poker Rooms

Bodog Poker - 110% New Player Deposit Bonus $1,100

Bodog Poker never ceases to amaze. For one, more people should be using Bodog for all their online gambling needs, than the people that currently do. The reason for this is that Bodog is all inclusive when it comes to Poker gambling, Sports gambling, and online Casino gambling. It's the total package. Bodog doesn't have as big of deposit method selection as other online poker rooms, but the Poker Deposit Methods they accept are primo. Furthermore, when you use one of those Gambling Deposit Methods, you're going to be in store for a 110% matching poker bonus that is capable of giving all new players up to $1,100 free. Visit Bodog Poker

Bodog Poker 110% to $1,100 eWalletXpress / Moneybookers Visit site
Doyle's Room Poker 110% to $550 Credit Cards / Moneybookers Visit site

Best Online Casinos
400% Match To $2,400 / Slots
Visit site
125% Match To $125 / All Games
Visit Site
125% Match To $125 / All Games Visit site
400% Match To $4,000 / Slots Visit site
Best SPorts Betting Sites
DSI $500 - 20% or 10% Visit Site
Bodog 10% Unlimited Visit Site
BetUS Varies, 10% - 45% Visit Site
CaribSports 50% - $250 Free Visit Site
Bookmaker $500 - 20% or 10% Visit Site
Best Poker Rooms
Bodog Poker $1,100 - 110% Visit site $1,100 - 111% Visit Site
Absolute Poker $500 - 150% Visit site
Doyle's Room $550 - 110% Visit site