Sportsbook Deposit Methods

There is nothing more exhilarating than betting on sports, but there is also nothing more frustrating than trying to make Online Sportsbook Deposits. You see, sports betting is in essence legal everywhere, the part that is somewhat questionable is funding sports betting accounts. Basically, it all comes down to finding loopholes that will allow you to make deposits into online sportsbooks. Once you're in, you're in and that's all that has to be said about that. Obviously, if there is a concern about making sportsbook deposits, then you can put two and two together and realize that some common methods of deposit into online sportsbooks don't work, i.e. credit cards. Typically, the banning of credit cards to fund online gambling accounts only affects Americans, however, anyone depositing using a credit card backed by an American bank is also affected. For those people, there are a host of quality Sportsbook Deposit Methods which work in a similar fashion to credit cards in that they provide instant funds to wager with. Keep reading to find out which deposit methods work with sportsbooks, which you will find are some of the same methods used for Casino Deposit Methods.

How To Choose The Best Sportsbook Deposit Method

Are Residents From Your Country Accepted?

In order to get the right Sports Betting Deposit Method for you, there are going to be some qualifying guidelines that must be followed. Perhaps the most important of these is the country in which you reside. As we mentioned previously, the United States has handcuffed American banks from doing businesses with gambling institutions. In addition, because of this, certain deposit methods do not allow United States citizens either. It's primarily a company preference, which means they could do it, if they wanted to. Americans are limited in the deposit methods they may use to deposit into sportsbooks, however, since the legislation passed that banned these transactions, many third parties have stepped up to the plate wanting USA business. This is similar to the issue with the USA casino deposit methods.For those outside the United States, this really isn't a concern at all, but everyone can learn from the information about sports betting deposit methods found below. See all sportsbooks that accept USA players here.

How Much Do You Want To Deposit?

Before choosing a deposit method to use, you're going to want to consider how much you're wanting to deposit. In general, deposit limits rarely affect those wanting to gamble, but if you're a highroller, this should be a chief concern. If you've got a sure lock and you feel good about it, naturally you're going to want to risk more, to win more. It's a simple principle, and you definitely aren't going to want to be limited because of transfer limits. Bottom line, if you're going to bet big and know you're going to bet big, then opt for sportsbook deposit methods that have high limits. Note that there are usually sportsbook deposit bonuses that can be maximized by making the largest deposit possible.

What Fees Will I Be Charged?

If you are a highroller, then you probably won't care about this next determining factor, however, if you're betting on a budget, you're going to want to be sure to take note. Because Sportsbook Deposit Methods offer a service, they have the right to charge for transactions. Normally, it is a nominal fee for transferring funds or depositing money, usually 1%-5%. It is unfortunate that these fees have to be paid but you must consider, would you be able to wager on sports online without it? Furthermore, does it not make sense that safe online sports betting would cost a little extra? If the answer is no, then pony up the small fee and continue on your way. Basically, just be aware of any extra fees that may be involved with sportsbook transfers or depositing money into deposit methods that allow for sportsbook deposits.

How Will I Be Able To Receive Withdrawals?

When it comes time for profit, "Step 3... Profit," then you're definitely going to want a method that can process withdrawals. To be honest, non-electronic avenues of receiving payouts from sportsbooks can sometimes be a hassle. If you've got an electronic Sportsbook Deposit Method, then chances are the sportsbook accepting that deposit method also allows withdrawals through that method. If they do, this can speed up the time that it takes to get your money ten fold. In some cases, bettors can receive their funds the very same day. Convenience and security such as that almost has no price, which is why we favor the trusted online sportsbooks.

Best Sportsbook Deposits

If you've tried to deposit before without success, and you're considering the use of an alternate Sports Betting Deposit Method then look below to get a brief rundown of the most popular choices for sportsbook deposit. These choices work well for both Americans as well as those from abroad. They aren't in any order however the ones that do take American deposits will be listed at the top and should be easy to distinguish. We even provide some of the online sportsbooks for US players.

UseMyWallet Sportsbook Deposits - Find sports betting sites that accept UseMyWallet is like finding Bigfoot riding around on a unicorn... it's rare. There really is no reason behind this other than UseMyWallet is by invitation and therefore less gamblers are going to be able to use it. Because it is exclusive, UseMyWallet users enjoy higher security than that of other e-wallets.

Prepaid Card Sportsbook Deposits - If there was ever a sure fire method for Americans to make electronic sportsbook deposits, then prepaid cards would be it. In essence, these are charge cards which are preloaded with a certain amount. Banks do business with a normal retailer all while you get the funds you need to make instant sportsbook transfers. See all sports betting sites accepting prepaid cards.

Bank Wire Sportsbook Deposits - More often than not, this isn't going to work, but we're not saying that it never works. Bank Wires are a direct transfer of funds from an account you hold at a bank into your online sports betting account. While the law is clear on this, sports betting companies often disguise themselves which is why it works sometimes.

Check by Mail Sportsbook Deposits - These always work, but aren't electronic. Because of that, the process takes longer but still works the same. Be careful when using checks, some online sportsbooks do not accept personal checks. In these cases, you will most likely need to obtain a money order, a cashiers check, or a bank draft, then mail it to the book.

FedEX Sportsbook Deposits - This is closely related to Check by Mail, however the wait isn't nearly as long. FedEX has several options that will allow for overnight delivery to an online sportsbook. In most cases, the deposit gets there when they say it will which eliminates the wait that can sometimes be brutal. It's a good option because you never know what you'll want to bet and when you'll want to bet it.

Wire Transfer Sportsbook Deposits - This is the quickest of all non-electronic deposit methods, however it does involve a trip to a retailer capable of wiring money. Simply take your cash to the wiring place, and send the money to the sportsbook. Wire transfers work well with all international payments, and could be credited into your account before you even get home.

Gold-Pay Sportsbook Deposits - One of two new Sportsbook Deposit Methods, Gold-Pay has quickly become preferred amongst serious online sports bettors. It is another option that gamblers have in order to load their account with the ammo needed to do damage at an online sportsbook. A cool thing about Gold-Pay, some payouts can be made in gold... nice!

PasteandPay Sportsbook Deposits - This is the other of the newest methods for deposit into online sports betting sites. Basically, PasteandPay functions just as the other sports betting e-wallets do in that you deposit into it, and then send funds instantly to sportsbooks. PasteandPay is relatively easy to use, and has proven to be very safe during it's short existence.

Person to Person Sportsbook Deposits - This method works when you have a friend at the same sportsbook you wager at. In some cases, online sportsbooks allow users to transfer funds between accounts. So, if you're in the midst of a dry spell and don't have the funds to bet, or a reliable way to quickly transfer money, slipping some cash to your friend is a real option.

Money Transfer Sportsbook Deposits - These are very similar to bank wire deposits. Basically, you send money directly from either your checking or savings account into your sportsbook account. This generally works quickly, however in order to be used properly, this method will take some time to set up with the sportsbook and the bank. Other methods would be recommended.

Credit Card Sportsbook Deposits - These can be hit and miss for Americans. As we mentioned earlier, Sportsbook sometimes disguise themselves which allows for deposits to go through from American Banks. When this is the case, United States residents can use credit cards to make Sportsbook Deposits. It is rare, but it does happen. Trial and error is the only way to tell, and there is no harm in trying. If it works, this will be the easiest Sportsbook Deposit Method you've ever used. See all sports betting sites accepting credit cards.

Quicktender Sportsbook Deposits - To cut right to the chase, Quicktender is the same as UseMyWallet, and therefore it is hard to find a sportsbook that accepts Quicktender. They are available, but hard to come across. We have them here, however the selection is limited so beware.

Sportsbook Transfer Sportsbook Deposits - Here is the scenario: You have an account with funds at one sportsbook, and wish to wager on something found at another sportsbook. Instead of depositing more funds into the other sportsbook, you're just able to send money between your accounts. Well, that is exactly how Sportsbook Transfers work which is pretty cool.

Moneybookers Sportsbook Deposits - Moneybookers is perhaps the biggest online sportsbook deposit method in the World. It works similar to other e-wallets, except for the options for deposit are about 5 times that of other methods. Literally, Moneybookers has about 25 ways to send money from different types of accounts and credit cards, all of which are secure and instant. Postepay, Poli, Nordea, CartaSi, Diner's Club, VISA Electron, and ING accounts are just a fraction of the ways to transfer via Moneybookers. Be sure to see all sports betting sites accepting Moneybookers.

Click2Pay Sportsbook Deposits - Click2Pay is a very reliable e-wallet which has been in existence for quite some time now. They don't have as big of a share of the market as Moneybookers does, but Click2Pay holds it's own which is why you'll see it accepted at 95% of online sportsbooks. Click2Pay works great, and allows for instant transfer into sports betting accounts.

NETeller Sportsbook Deposits - If Moneybookers is #1, then NETeller is a close second. Just about everywhere you look online, you're going to find an online sportsbook taking NETeller deposits. More proof of their popularity exists in the fact that you will see their logo at many non-gambling retailers. If it is good enough for everyday purchases, then you know it will be ample for making Sports Betting Deposits.

EcoCard Sportsbook Deposits - Chances are, if you've ever perused the deposit methods accepted at online sportsbooks, you've seen the little Eco logo. If not, go back and look because you probably missed it. The point is, EcoCard is accepted nearly everywhere that allows any form of online gambling which includes sports betting. EcoCard works instantly and is very secure.

PaySafeCard Sportsbook Deposits - When deciding on whether or not to use PaySafeCard, just read what the name says. It can't get much clearer and the bonus is that it is accepted at the majority of online sports betting sites.

eCheck Sportsbook Deposits - eChecks fall into the same category as bank wires and money transfers, except the work with a lot less frequently with U.S. deposits. For that reason, they aren't recommended to U.S. residents, however everyone else is free to enjoy. Set up your checking account to deposit straight into your sportsbook account. With that, you don't risk what you don't have to lose.

Maestro Card Sportsbook Deposits - Across Europe and other parts of the World, Maestro Card is extremely popular. It works the same as a bank issued debit card, and basically pulls money from an account that you already have funded. MaestroCard is backed by VISA so funds are guaranteed as long as the transaction goes through. MaestroCard is accepted at many online sportsbooks, but is commonly processed through Moneybookers as well.

VISA Electron Sportsbook Deposits - Another Debit Card backed by VISA, VISA Electron is a secure way to easily transfer funds into sports betting accounts. It debits money directly from your stockpile and inserts it into your sportsbook account. Transfers are performed instantaneously, which is very nice when you are pressed for time to get your bets in.

InstaDebit Sportsbook Deposits - You can't talk about debit card sportsbook deposits without mentioning InstaDebit. As the name implies, money is instantly debited from your account. Where you send it is up to you. If you choose to send those funds to an online sportsbook that accepts InstaDebit transfers, then you will have your money instantly so that you can wager.

UKash Sportsbook Deposits - In the United Kingdom, UKash is a very popular way of purchasing online goods and services with cash. Basically, UKash is a prepaid voucher which can be obtained at retailers as well as from the UKash website. You purchase a voucher in the amount you want to spend, and then proceed to the sportsbook in which you wish to deposit. Enter the voucher code and bingo, you're ready to bet sports online.

PayPal Sportsbook Deposits - Americans love using PayPal which is why it's a shame that PayPal doesn't allow for American gambling deposits. For the rest of the World, you're the lucky ones. More people depend on PayPal to pay for goods and services everyday, on the Internet. eBay made PayPal popular which is why so many people are fans. If you can find a PayPal Sportsbook, and are not a U.S. resident, then you can send funds in just a few clicks and keystrokes, a very convenient Sportsbook Deposit Method.

As of November 2010, eWalletXpress nor 900Pay are no longer allowed for making sports betting deposits online. Look over the other approved sports betting deposit methods listed above for acceptable methods for making deposits

eWalletXpress Sportsbook Deposits - For the American sports bettor, there is no better choice. From personal experiences, you get everything that eWalletXpress advertises and more. They do have some small fees attached, however they let you use the service for free on your initial run. There are several sports betting sites that accept eWalletXpress.

900Pay Sportsbook Deposits - 900Pay works in conjunction with eWalletXpress. Basically, you have to have an eWalletXpress account just to access 900Pay. What is 900Pay? It is simply a way of funding your eWalletXpress account by charging the bill to your phone. This is a great choice for those without credit cards, however transfer limits are low.

Best Sportsbooks For Making Sports Betting Deposits

Below you will see 4 of our best online sportsbooks. These sportsbooks accept at least one of the deposit methods listed above. For more information about which one is accepted where, please visit the links to the sportsbook reviews, or the Sports Betting Deposit Method review itself.

Bodog Sportsbook - Accepts Popular Sports Betting Deposit Methods

Accepts credit cards and they have their own Prepaid Cards

Bodog is a sportsbook that has been operating for the last 15 years. The Bodog brand is one of the leading online sportsbooks, offering the most fair odds, the easiest Sportsbook Deposit Methods, and even a casino and a poker room. Bodog is backed by integrity unknown to many online sportsbooks, as they have established a reputation that they would not tarnish. If you are interested in rapid payouts, you may want to turn your attentions to Bodog, as they have some of the quickest payouts in the industry. A 10% unlimited match bonus awaits those who make their first deposit at Bodog with any of the Sportsbook Deposit Methods. Visit Bodog Sportsbook

DSI Sportsbook - Taking Most Deposit Methods / $500 - 20% Bonus

Accepts all types of Credit Cards

Diamond Sportsbook International is widely regarded as the number one sportsbook for professional sports gamblers, as well as those amateur, recreational bettors who just like to make a game more interesting. Free money awaits those who would join DSI, as they offer players a free $500 dollars upon starting up, granted at a match ratio of 20%. Frequent reload bonuses and other promotions are also added to their services. Finally, they have the most Sportsbook Deposit Methods of any online sports betting website. Visit DSI Sportsbook

5Dimes Sportsbook - Obscure Sportsbook Deposit Methods Accepted Here

No Longer Accepts eWalletXpress, Accepts Credit Cards

Very few online sportsbooks offer as many bonuses and promotions as 5Dimes. 5Dimes is always announcing new ways for players to improve their bankroll without having to win a single bet. Deposit bonuses, rebate bonuses, regular reduced juice, and much more await players who would utilize the hundreds of betting lines through 5Dimes. Horse wagering is also found in bulk, giving players a chance to keep in touch with all of the major tracks around the world. A poker and casino is also built into this sports betting site. With so many Sportsbook Deposit Methods that any player will find something for them, 5Dimes has become one of the hottest of the online sportsbooks, one not to be looked over. Visit 5Dimes Sportsbook

Best Sportsbooks & Best Sports Betting Deposit Methods Accepted

Intertops Sportsbook 25% to $100 UseMyWallet / Instadebit Visit site
Bodog Sportsbook 10% Unlimited Bonus PrePaid Cards / NETeller Visit site
BookMaker Sportsbook 10% or 20% to $500 Money Transfer / Moneybookers Visit site
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% to $200 Gold-Pay /
Visit site
CaribSports 50% to $250 UseMyWallet / EcoCard Visit site
DSI Sportsbook 10% or 20% to $500 Credit Cards / Moneybookers Visit site
BetJamaica 100% to $100 PasteAndPay / eChecks Visit site