ewalletxpress Sportsbooks

Effective November 2010: eWalletXpress will cease to exist as a viable sports betting deposit option for sports bettors. This deposit method is now defunct and other means of making deposits should be explored. We recommend using UseMyWallet as well as Prepaid Cards. For international players, Moneybookers is a leading deposit method

If you are looking for an alternative payment solution online, consider the eWalletXpress online sportsbooks. Backed by the eWalletXpress service, these sportsbooks are some of the some of the easiest to use. While credit cards are simple and easy, they carry interest and failure rates. The eWalletXpress service does not require that their players pay interest over time, as the fees are low and front loaded. EWalletXpress also has a perfected rate of deposit success, so there is no need to find another deposit method. Using eWalletXpress online sportsbooks is one of the fastest way to hit the betting lines, due in part to the fact that transfers are instantaneous and there is no possibility of a rejected deposit.

The eWalletXpress online gambling sites such as eWalletXpress Casinos and sportsbooks carry many advantages. Using the eWalletXpress service means that you will combine several deposit methods into one. Each of the deposit methods funds the eWalletXpress account, which is then used to fund the sportsbook account that you will be using. You can essentially link your bank account to your online sportsbook's account, facilitating rapid transfers whenever you wish. High security, low fees and real time access to your finances can all be achieved through the online sportsbooks accepting eWalletXpress.

Best eWalletXpress Sports Betting Sites

Since eWalletXpress is one of the most widely used casino deposit methods, there was quite a few online sportsbooks accepting eWalletXpress. We have rooted out only the best eWalletXpress sportsbooks in order to deliver our readers a no nonsense sports betting experience. In order to find the best online sportsbooks we have tested dozens of them. Our tests have brought us to find that many online sportsbooks are good, but only some are worthy of blowing the rest out of the water. Sports betting can be one of the most profitable forms of gambling, but only if you stick to the best locations for this gambling.

Intertops Sportsbook - Up To $100 Free & $20 Free Bet

No Longer Accepts eWalletXpress, Accepts UseMyWallet

Intertops is a sportsbook that has not received much attention, but we can assure you that they are topping the charts in terms of promotions, betting lines, and extra features. Intertops offers their players a wide number of different bonuses and promotions, including match bonuses, free bet tokens, and much more. Intertops offers their players more betting lines than any other sportsbook, ranging from politics, poker, the major sports leagues, and even the stock market. Intertops has betting types that include straight wagers, spreads, totals, parlays, futures, props, and more. Visit Intertops

Bodog Sportsbook - 10% Unlimitted Matching Deposit Bonus

No Longer Accepts eWalletXpress, Accepts Prepaid Cards

The sportsbook known as Bodog is one of the leading eWalletXpress sportsbooks. Bodog has been around for over ten years, and they have since managed to provide their users with some of the hottest service in all of sports betting. They have a 10% unlimited match bonus, which is one of the best available. If you are using eWalletXpress your deposit limit will be higher, and so will your bonus. Bodog has over 20 different sports upon which you can wager, and each of these different sports carries an equally wide range of different betting types. The Bodog sportsbook is easily at the top of the charts, as their clean reputation has never, and will never be tarnished. Visit Bodog

Bookmaker Sportsbook - $500 With 20% or 10% Match Bonuses

No Longer Accepts eWalletXpress, Accepts Credit Cards

Bookmaker is similar to other sportsbooks with the one exception of their quality. Bookmaker has grown into a world renowned sports betting site, offering their players easy access to more betting lines than even a Vegas based sportsbook. Their 20% to $500 deposit bonus is one of the best that the industry has to offer. They run many other promotions designed to help you win big money, so pay attention to their specials before you hit the betting lines. Bookmaker carries an unprecedented reputation for integrity, which is why we suggest Bookmaker to all players trying to get into the betting industry. Visit Bookmaker

DSI Sportsbook - 10% or 20% Match Deposit Good Up To $500

No Longer Accepts eWalletXpress, Accepts Prepaid Cards

Diamond Sportsbook is another one of the eWalletXpress online sportsbooks. DSI offers their players access to almost a dozen different betting types over more than 15 different sports. Diamond Sportsbook offers their players some of the fastest deposits and withdrawals possible because of the eWalletXpress service. DSI has a 20% to $500 match, which can be taken to any of these betting lines. If you want quality unrivaled in sports betting, we suggest DSI as your one stop shop. Visit DSI

None of the Sportsbooks below accept eWalletXpress. Consult our list of Sportsbook Deposit Methods for acceptable means of making deposits for both American and International bettors

Intertops Sportsbook 25% Match To $100 &
$20 Free Bet
Yes Visit site
Bodog Sportsbook
Unlimited 10% Matching Deposit Bonus Yes Visit site
BookMaker Sportsbook 10% Match to $500 or
20% Match to $500
Yes Visit site
Bet365 Sportsbook 100% Match Good To $100 On First Deposit No Visit site
DSI Sportsbook 10% Match to $500 or
20% Match to $500
Yes Visit site
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% New Player Match Bonus Good To $200 Yes Visit site
WagerChief Sportsbook New U.S. Players Get 100% Match Good To $200 Yes Visit site
BetUS Sportsbook Sliding Match Bonus Goes From 10% Up To 60% Yes Visit site
BetED Sportsbook 50% Matching Bonus Good For Up To $250 Every Deposit Yes Visit site

Obtaining eWalletXpress Account For Sports Betting

Signing up for eWalletXpress is a fairly easy prospect. If you want an eWalletXpress account, all you have to do is visit their site and throw in some personal information. This information includes your name, address, phone number, and ultimately your checking account information. The sign up process for eWalletXpress is the first step into the eWalletXpress sportsbooks. Keep in mind that you must keep all information on the eWalletXpress account true to form, as it cannot differ from your sports betting account.

Funding eWalletXpress for Use At Sportsbooks

Funding an eWalletXpress account can be done through several methods as covered in the eWalletXpress Review. First and foremost you will have the option of linking your checking account to your eWalletXpress account. You must do this at least once in order to verify your account. You will then have several other options on the table, including money orders, wire transfers, and Interac if you happen to live in Canada. Each method has its own fees and limits. We advise that you stick to checking account transfers for the easiest deposits possible.

eWalletXpress and USA Sports Bettors

One of the best things about eWalletXpress is that it is a primarily American deposit method. While there are many deposit methods available, we have found that eWalletXpress is one of the easiest to use. The eWalletXpress online sportsbooks have some of the most expedited of all deposits, so you will never have to wait to place your wagers. This is especially useful if you want to wager on one particular game.

eWalletXpress and International Sports Bettors

The eWalletXpress service is not one that can be used all across the globe. Unfortunately, only those players in the United States and Canada have access to the service of eWalletXpress. If you live outside of these two nations than we suggest that you stick to Moneybookers or perhaps NETeller as your deposit options.

Overall Thoughts On Using eWalletXpress At Sportsbooks

If you live in the United States or Canada, we advise you to stick to eWalletXpress as your deposit option. All of your deposits will be backed by the full faith and integrity of the eWalletXpress service, so it is not like you ever have to worry about being led to ruin. They are one of the fastest, perhaps the easiest of all alternative gambling deposit methods. With eWalletXpress you do not have interest rates, nor do you have debt - all transactions are funded directly off of cash you already have. The eWalletXpress sportsbooks are amongst the best in the business, so you will always be treated to a good time.

eWalletXpress Gambling

The eWalletXpress sportsbooks will provide you with a very rich gambling experience as long as the Legal Online Gambling Age has been met. Since each of our sportsbooks covers a wide range of different options, you should have no problem finding a betting type that suits your needs. These eWalletXpress sportsbooks online essentially allow you to enjoy an interactive form of sports entertainment, be it on the professional or collegiate level.