American Express Sportsbooks

American Express sportsbooks have been rising in popularity, as payment processors have been making this charge card even easier to use. American Express, while similar to some credit cards, is different enough to make it necessary to detail it on its own. The different features and stipulations surrounding varying American Express cards make these some of the more confusing casino deposit methods and sportsbook deposit methods, but we have compiled a brief list of information that will help you along with the whole process of using your Amex as a deposit method into our online sportsbooks.

We have found that, while there a very few American express online sportsbooks, depositing with this charge card has never been easier. American Express users can fund their accounts as easy as entering the digits on the front of the card, and you will have your transactions post instantly. If you pay off the purchase before the end of the billing cycle, you can even avoid having to pay extra charges. If you have a rewards card or something similar, these American Express sportsbooks online are even more advantageous due to the simple fact that you will gain just for purchasing chips.

Best American Express Sports Betting Sites

We have rooted out the best online sportsbooks accepting American Express cards so you do not have to. We may not have an extensive list of the sportsbooks that use this deposit method, but we do have only the ones that managed to impress us beyond many others. American Express is uncommon amongst sportsbook deposit methods, but the best American Express sportsbooks are even more of a rarity.

Intertops Sportsbook - Up To $100 Free & $20 Free Bet

American Express Casinos are not the only place for online gamblers to get in on the gambling action. Intertops is an online sportsbook that was founded by a sports betting company that has been in the world of sports betting since 1983. Intertops went online in the late 90's, increasing their services every step of the way. Intertops accepts American Express deposits to a maximum of $2,500 per week, so you should not have any issues meeting your stakes. There is a 25%, $100 dollar deposit bonus for new players, as well as a free $20 token. As their leading charge card, Intertops prefers deposits from American Express and will periodically offer special bonuses to be collected with your flexible friend. Visit Intertops


WagerChief Sportsbook - 100% Match Bonus Up To $200

WagerChief has hit the industry of sports gambling like a golden brick. Their sportsbook has incorporated American Express into their cashier, making them one of the very few to accept this charge card. WagerChief has brought over half a dozen betting types across over 25 different sports, events, and industries. Their bonus begins with A 100% match to $200, which is only valid if you deposit $200. They also have a 25% match bonus if you would prefer. WagerChief offers enormous bonuses for football season, and they cover the MLB with particular interest. As one of the best American Express Online Sportsbooks, WagerChief is unrivaled in the industry.
Visit WagerChief

Intertops Sportsbook 25% Match To $100 &
$20 Free Bet
Yes Visit site
WagerChief Sportsbook New U.S. Players Get 100% Match Good To $200 Yes Visit site

Obtaining American Express Account For Sports Betting

American Express cards are somewhat more difficult to receive than other credit cards, as they have slightly higher credit requirements. In order to receive an American Express card you will first have to apply for one. Due to the extensive number of different cards they offer, you may not have the easiest choice to make with these cards. We advise you avoid the business cards for your gambling. Simply visit the AmEx website, offer your credit information, and you could be faced with instant approval.

American Express and USA Sports Bettors

The name of the card is American Express, and we can assure you that this card was built for American players. Being that this card is primarily used by American citizens, you should have no problem gambling at sports betting sites accepting American Express.

American Express and International Sports Bettors

Another advantage to the American Express card is the fact that it is useful all over the world. As an internationally accepted credit card, American Express online sportsbooks are not limited to American players. The AmEx card is open to players all over the world, so you should have no problem regardless of your country of origins or casino deposit currencies.

Overall Thoughts On Using American Express At Sportsbooks

American Express is probably the best credit card you can use. While other cards have interest rates, American Express requires that you pay off the used funds instantly, thus making it so you can avoid interest rates. While you will have to pay an annual fee, typically at least, you can use your American Express much cheaper than many of the electronic wallets. High success rates on these online gambling deposits have made it so you will never need another deposit method at all.

American Express Gambling

The American Express sports betting found through an online sportsbook is fairly diverse. Most of our sportsbooks provide many types of bets. Each betting type can be associated with a wide n umber of different games. You can expect to see hundreds of betting lines each week, especially during the bigger of the sporting seasons.