Microgaming Casinos

Perhaps the most solidly rooted of all brands of casino software is the Microgaming Casino software. Microgaming emerged in the online gaming scene in the earliest days of online gambling and has remained a solid contender for the title of the best casino software, with some of the best online casinos. Microgaming brings to the table some of the best looking games, each designed to be powerful, sleek, and stable. Though an older brand in the industry, Microgaming has not remained stagnant throughout the years. Rather, they continue to improve their service on a daily basis, bringing players new features, more excitement, and better chances to win than nearly any other brand of casino software.

Microgaming was the first authentic online casino to hit the market, and since its creation in 1994, they have continued to boom. Though Microgaming had faced rough times in early 2008, this has not prevented the powerful software from creating 14 millionaires, including one lucky player who hit a jackpot worth over 6,000,000 euros off of an online slots game. Microgaming has partnered with some of the best online casinos in the industry, and over 120 casinos are currently licensed through Microgaming. With the addition of the VIPER add-on, Microgaming has released some online casinos that are as visually stunning as they are powerful, making this the most well designed casino software around. Truly, the Microgaming Software Casinos are easily some of the best in the industry.

Grand Hotel
Software - Microgaming
100% Match To $/€/£150 / All Games
No Visit site
Vegas Country
Software - Microgaming
100% Match To $/€/£120 / All Games
No Visit site
Colosseum Casino
Software - Microgaming
100% Match To $/€/£150 / All Games No Visit site
Vegas Slot
Software - Microgaming
100% Match To $/€/£200 / All Games
No Visit site
Vegas Joker
Software - Microgaming
100% Match To $/€/£150 / All Games No Visit site
Vegas 7 Casino
Software - Microgaming
100% Match To $/€/£150 / All Games
No Visit site

Top Microgaming Casinos


Bovada Casino - The Best Online Casino

Bovada is arguably the single best online casino in the world, and we feel it is our duty to recommend it even though they do not use Microgaming as a software provider. Bovada’s odds are excellent, their game selection is second to none, and they even offer live dealer table games for you to enjoy. Bovada can be accessed across the United States, and offers casino gameplay to people using both iPhones and Androids, as well as all types of personal computers. Visit Bovada Casino

Colosseum Casino - New Players Earn $150 With 100% Match

Perhaps the most generous of all online casinos, Colosseum Casino has made a name for themselves in the world of the Microgaming Casino Software. They begin the gaming as one of the best free Microgaming no deposit casinos by offering a $1,000 Happy Hour, which lets players play for a full hour with $1,000 dollars free. With an hour of free play, players will have a chance to make some real cash - provided they complete 100 different bets across the slots, video poker, and table games, and manage to win more than $20 while they do so. After this promotional period, players will have access to a 100% match to $150 dollars, then a 10% match on all future deposits. Indeed, Colosseum Casino has become one of the most heavily trafficked of all Microgaming Software Casinos. Visit Colosseum Casino

Vegas Joker Casino - Free Bonus Worth $150 On First Deposit

Vegas Joker Casino is another of the fine Microgaming casinos. Vegas Joker begins each player with $150 dollars free, which can be used to play some of the hottest games around. Having recently incorporated the VIPER casino software, Vegas Joker is operating hundreds of solid games, each built upon a foundation of fairness. Having received the eCOGRA certification, Vegas Joker is easily one of the best online casinos using the Microgaming Casino Software. Visit Vegas Joker Casino

Vegas7 Casino - 100% Match Bonus Gives New Players Up To $150

Vegas7 Casino meets all new players with a bonus of $150, given at a match of 100%. This casino incorporates over 250 games, a flash casino, and some of the best odds possible into one tightly packed gaming center. By releasing alternative promotions on a regular basis, Vegas7 Casino has also become one of the most generous. Their pay out rates are higher than many other casinos, so those who wish to win as much as they have fun would be advised to take advantage of this casino's stellar gaming experience. Visit Vegas 7 Casino

Vegas Country Casino - $120 In Free Bonuses Achieved With 100% Match

Another online casino using the Microgaming Software has been released under a Vegas Theme. Vegas Country Casino has unleashed the VIPER software to take gaming to a new level. Unbridled entertainment can be found through this casino, backed by some of the largest jackpots in the industry. Hundreds of games are available, carrying some of the highest payouts available. Vegas Country has every casino game, backed by their supreme reputation in the industry. Since 2001 Vegas Country Casino has been offering players the best that the Microgaming Casino software offers, and they have consistently improved ever since. Visit Vegas Country

Microgaming Casino Facts

Microgaming Casinos & USA Players

Unfortunately, MIcrogaming Software Casinos had pulled out of the United States market back in November of 2008. With the creation of the UIGEA, Microgaming deemed pulling from the United States market a safe bet. Unfortunately, no new players can come from the United States. If you held an account previously with a Microgaming Casino, then you can continue to gamble with this most impressive company. Until the UIGEA is repealed, it is unlikely that Microgaming will make a return to the United States. Refer to our list of the USA casinos if you are an American citizen.

Deposit Methods Accepted At Microgaming Casinos

Casino Deposit Methods are integral to any online casino, and nearly every one of the Microgaming Software Casinos offer players a chance to use MoneyBookers. Since Microgaming and MoneyBookers are primarily European services, they have worked hand in hand to make funding your account as easy as possible. Since MoneyBookers can be used to transfer money back and forth between your account, you will only need this one funding method for all of your gaming. If you are unsure over which deposit method to use through any of the Microgaming Online Casinos, than turn to MoneyBookers Casino Deposits, as you will not be upset.

Microgaming Casino Bonuses

Bonuses through Microgaming may not be the biggest and the largest, either on match percentage or the amount given, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality. Nearly every bonus through the Microgaming Casinos can be used across any game, rather than just slots. Despite their small size, many of the Microgaming Casino Software bonuses are recurring, giving players more bang for their buck over all. Since they typically carry small amounts, even low rolling players can maximize their financial position through the use of these bonuses.

Microgaming Casino Coupon Codes

Another good thing about the Microgaming Casino Software is that of the lack of casino bonus codes. Since many casinos require bonus codes in order to apply promotional funds, players have been searching for those bonuses that do not require promotion codes. Microgaming's bonuses are applied instantly through the casino's cashier, though you will sometimes have to inquire about them through the customer service department. Regardless, these are some of the easiest bonuses to acquire due to the lack of promo codes. Each of our casino reviews about Microgaming casinos has information related to each bonus available.

Microgaming Online Slot Games

There are literally hundreds of slots found through the Microgaming Casino Software. With such variety, some players have reported being confused, though we can assure you that the hunt for your preferred slot game will not be too difficult. Many of these slots are powered by the VIPER software, which is why they are as great as they are. Microgaming has always been dedicated to their players, which is why you will see that these slot games are amongst the most versatile around. Video slots, reel slots, and some of the highest progressive slots are available. It is not uncommon to see progressive slot jackpots over $1 million through Microgaming casinos. Many of these slots are available through the Microgaming flash online casinos, so you won't even have to download software.

Microgaming Table Casino Games

Table games have been incorporated into the Microgaming software as well. If you have seen or heard of a table game in a real casino, than Microgaming will undoubtedly have it. Be it a classic such as blackjack or online roulette, or something as esoteric as Pai-Gow poker, you will find them through the Microgaming Software Casinos. Since Microgaming has made it a point to keep versatility as one of their highest priorities, each of their licensed casinos will come all inclusive with a set of table games unlike any other.

Microgaming Casino Frequently Asked Questions

What type of computer can run Microgaming?

Microgaming can run on nearly any operating system imaginable, as far back as Windows 98.

Does Microgaming offer a flash client?

Yes, Microgaming has a browser based flash casino.

What is the Viper Software?

The Viper Software is one of the the add ons to the Microgaming software. It adds Viper Add On increases the power of each game incorporated into Microgaming's casinos.

Is it true that Microgaming once paid a jackpot over $6 million?

Yes, Microgaming has made multiple millionaires throughout their tenure in the industry.

Will Microgaming eventually return to the United States market?

This has yet to be determined. Unfortunately, nothing has indicated that they will, though when the repeal of the UIGEA may bring about talk of their return.

How many games are found through a Microgaming Casino?

At least 200 games will be found through Microgaming, though some have reported over 500 games in their repertoire.

Does Microgaming pay their players quickly?

Most players will see rapid returns of their winnings through any of the Microgaming Casinos.

Are Microgaming Casinos Fair?

Nearly every Microgaming casino is certified by eCOGRA, the leading authority in fair online gambling.

Outside of the United States, does Microgaming prohibit any other nations?

You will have to check your local jurisdictional laws in order to determine whether or not online casino gambling is acceptable in your nation.

How does Microgaming hold up against other brands of casino software?

Microgaming Casinos are amongst the best of the best, leading the industry in both quality and quantity.

Best Microgaming Bonuses
$150 - 100%
$120 - 100%
$150 - 100%
$150 - 100%
$150 - 100%
Microgaming Casino News
  • Best Microgaming Casino

    One of the most reputable of all Microgaming Casino Software gaming centers is that of Grand Hotel Casino. Carrying over $5,400 dollars in bonuses, this is also one of the most generous we have seen. They will give players a $100 dollar bonus every Monday for the first year that they are an active player. Hundreds are also available in sign up bonuses. Deposits are easy, withdrawals are quick, and game play is never interrupted through Grand Hotel Casino, a magnanimous gaming center for all players.