Crazy Slots Casino Review

Crazy Slots Casino Information

Deposit Bonus - (14) Deposit Bonuses Worth $12,500: 1-12 (100% to $777), 13 & 14 (125% to $1,250)
Rollover Requirements - 50X
Software - Odds On
Crazy Slots Instant Flash Casino - Yes
Established - 2008
Email -
USA & Canada Phone -1-866-321-7054
Canada Phone - 1-866-321-7054
VIP Program
- Yes
Mac Compatible - Yes
Deposit Methods -VISA, MasterCard, American Express, NETeller, Moneybookers, prepaid cards
Location - Curacao, N.A.

A Crazy Slots Casino Review was required for many reasons. The main reason was that there are more ways to win through this casino than most that we have seen. As one of the top online casinos, Crazy Slots is a fan favorite amongst many. Slot tournaments are running around the clock, their games are set at high payout rates, bonuses are in large supply, and players are entitled to enjoy some of the best gaming available on the Internet. Whether you are accustomed to a land based casino and just making the switch to online casinos, you are simply enthusiastic about joining new casinos with some regularity, or just looking to jump into the gaming, then consider Crazy Slots Casino as a high point in your gambling career.

Crazy Slots Casino Deposit Methods

A review of Crazy Slots Casino showed us that there are not that many casino deposit methods, and as such you will not be faced with overwhelming confusion when you try to fund your account. You will only have a few choices to sift through, and none of these choices are truly difficult to use or understand. American players will find that their deposit options are somewhat limited, though Crazy Slots, as credit cards and prepaid cards are their only options. The e-wallets found in this casino are limited only to European Residents, though the high rates of credit card success found in the Crazy Slots Casino review were very appealing, thus negating a real need for these e-wallets.

Preferred Deposit Method: PrePaid Casino Deposits at Crazy Slots Casino - The preferred deposit method through the review of Crazy Slots Casino was prepaid cards. Prepaid cards are similar to credit cards, with the one exception that they have no personal information attached to them. Instead of being tied to your own account, Crazy Slots Casino instead has a neutral bank account which is completely unrelated to your own. This not only helps you make anonymous deposits, but also helps circumvent banking restrictions that have prevented some credit cards from working. Regardless of how you wish to deposit, you may want to stick with prepaid card casinos as they also entail additional bonuses upon making a deposit, which is added on top of their standard deposits.

Credit Card Casino Deposits At Crazy Slots - As one of the leading Credit Cards Casinos, Crazy Slots has a higher rate of success with these deposits than nearly any other online casino. You should not see any failure on these deposits unless your bank is particularly strict in terms of online gambling.

NETeller Casino Deposits At Crazy Slots - As you may or may not know, NETeller was once one of the largest of the electronic wallets. Provided you live outside of North America, you will be able to use the NETeller Online Casinos, which includes Crazy Slots.

Moneybookers Casino Deposits At Crazy Slots - As another of the easiest to use of the e-wallets, Moneybookers is open to those outside of the United States. Moneybookers can be used to make instant deposits as well as fast withdrawals at Casinos accepting Moneybookers.

Crazy Slots Casino Withdrawal Methods

Retrieving your winnings should never be a hassle, and our Crazy Slots Casino review has shown us that you will not be waiting for your money. Crazy Slots gives players several options to receive their winnings, ranging from something as simple as a check to something more like a bank wire. Even the available e-wallets are capable of being used as a withdrawal methods. Regardless of your deposit method, you will be able to use the withdrawal option of your choice - provided you do not live in a restricted area according to the e-wallet's requirements.

Withdrawals with Bank Wires at Crazy Slots - If you so desire, you can have Crazy Slots Casino give you your winnings through the use of a bank wire. This will put the funds directly into your bank account.

Withdrawals With Checks at Crazy Slots - Patient players will find that checks are the safest route to take. Especially for American players, checks are the easiest way to receive your money. The processing time can take a week or two, so be ready for a wait.

Withdrawals with NETeller at Crazy Slots - NETeller can also be used to process withdrawals as well as deposits. You can have your money transfered directly into the NETeller account. This will put your funds on your NETeller card, which can be withdrawn from many ATMs.

Withdrawals with Moneybookers at Crazy Slots - Provided you have a Moneybookers account in good standing, you should not have any issues with the retrieval of your winnings through your Moneybookers account.

Crazy Slots Casino Deposit Bonuses

Our Crazy Slots Casino Review found one thing in mass quantities - casino deposit bonuses. There are thousands of dollars worth of deposit bonuses, as well as free tickets into their tournaments. Being that the slot tournaments are some of the most profitable ventures through Crazy Slots, these tickets are of immeasurable value. Through no other casino will you find such large tournament opportunities and bonuses alike. In total, up to $12,500 can be received in free money through the use of their deposit bonuses.

Crazy Slots Casino Bonus Coupon Codes

Crazy Slots Casino Bonuses

  • 1st Deposit Bonus - 100% to $777 - Credited Automatically
  • 2nd Deposit Bonus - 100% to $777 - ZY002
  • 3rd Deposit Bonus - 100% to $777 - ZY003
  • 4th Deposit Bonus - 100% to $777 - ZY004
  • 5th Deposit Bonus - 100% to $777 - ZY005
  • 6th Deposit Bonus - 100% to $777 - ZY006
  • 7th Deposit Bonus - 100% to $777 - ZY007
  • 8th Deposit Bonus - 100% to $777 - ZY008
  • 9th Deposit Bonus - 100% to $777 - ZY009
  • 10th Deposit Bonus - 100% to $777 - ZY010
  • 11th Deposit Bonus - 100% to $777 - ZY011
  • 12th Deposit Bonus - 100% to $777 - ZY012
  • 13th Deposit Bonus - 125% to $1,250 - ZY013
  • 14th Deposit Bonus - 125% to $1,250 - ZY014

As you can see, bonus codes are required through Crazy Slots Casino. Since they offer so many different bonuses, these bonus codes are necessary for players to choose which promotions they wish. Rather than leaving it up to the casino to decide when players use a bonus, the player, you, will have control over the matter. These bonus codes are a mere bump in the road and should not prove to be too much of an inconvenience. After all, they are entered directly into the cashier upon making a deposit.

Crazy Slots Casino Software

One of the reasons we decided on a review of Crazy Slots Casino was because they use one of the best online casinos from one of the best brands of casino software in the industry. The Odds On Casino software is one of the oldest and most powerful of the casino software sets. They have a large, unique set of games, the biggest online slot tournaments, some of the easiest progressive jackpots, and stability like no other. Regardless of your operating system, Crazy Slots Casino is open for use on your computer. If these features sound good to you, then know that Crazy Slots Casino, backed by the Odds On software, incorporates all of this and more.

Crazy Slots Casino Country Restrictions

Being that Odds On is one of the oldest brands of casino software, they have not taken to discriminating against any country, regardless of legislation. For instance, the USA does not have the best views on online gambling, though Odds On does accommodate American players. Perhaps some of the communist nations around the world will not be served by Crazy Slots Casino, but know that there are over 80 different nations in the world that allow online casino gambling.

Game Variety At Crazy Slots Casino

Since the Odds On software has been around for a great number of years, Crazy Slots Casino is host of a large number of games. Slot games, table games, video poker, speciality games, and much more can be found, with many progressive jackpots found there in. Crazy Slots offers these games on demand, whenever players want to access them. Each game is incorporated into the downloaded client, while many can also be played through the flash based casino that Crazy Slots offers.

Crazy Slots Casino Download

The Crazy Slots Casino Download is immensely swift. You will be able to jump into the games rapidly, as the download will finish in less then five minutes. Crazy Slots Casino does not include all of the games in the initial download, though you may fill out your client as you so desire. Since Crazy Slots has decided to give only a small number of games upfront, you will be able to finish your download while you actually sign up for the casino.

Crazy Slots Casino Instant Play

In keeping with the times, Crazy Slots Casino has decided to launch one of the no download online casinos. This will let you play the games from any computer, anywhere, without actually downloading the client. If you are on limited time and just want to jump into a quick game, then this is the route you will want to take. Furthermore, since you do not have to download anything, you will also be able to play the games regardless of which operating system you wish to employ.

FAQ About Crazy Slots Casino

Does Crazy Slots Casino accept American players?

If you live in America, Crazy Slots Casino will let you join their gaming center.

Do I have to take every deposit bonus available?

No, you only have to take the deposit bonuses you want.

What is the minimum deposit through Crazy Slots Casino?

You will have to deposit at least $25 dollars in order to play through Crazy Slots Casino.

Has there ever been any scandalous activity through Crazy Slots Casino?

Crazy Slots Casino has always remained honest with their services. You will not be ripped off.

Does Crazy Slot Casinos offer a rewards program?

Yes, comp points are available through Crazy Slots Casino.

How do the slot tournaments work?

Simply join the tournament then you will be ready to play the game it is based upon. You will then have to spin the reels or play the cards in order to accumulate the most chips.

Do the slot tournaments award free play credits or real cash?

Unless otherwise specified, these tournaments will pay in realcash.

How quick are withdrawals from Crazy slots Casino?

Crazy Slots Casino will get you your winnings in under three weeks, though some methods could take as little as three days.

Does Crazy Slots Casino with with Apple computers?

Crazy Slots Casino will work on any computer, especially with the instant download software.

How old do I have to be to play through Crazy Slots Casino?

The age of majority for the casino is 21 according to the Crazy Slots Casino Review.